an offering of letters April 27-May 3

Here's how you can help millions of people going hungry during the Covid-19 epidemic:


Take 15 minute at home this week to write Congress to increase Food Stamps! St. Mark's is gathering an Offering of Letters to be dedicated at worship next Sunday, May 3. For a kit with complete instructions, including addresses and sample letters, call or email Paul Theiss (email: theiss.paul@gmail.com / phone: 510.909.5754).

St. Mark's Lutheran Church • 1600 Union Avenue • Fairfield CA • 94533

OFFICE HOURS: M-F 9:00 am - 12:00 noon

OFFICE: 707.422.4741 • FAX: 707.759.3602 • office@stmarksfairfield.org

PRESCHOOL: 707.422.4742

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