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St. Mark's Food Pantry

"In a world that all too often highlights the negative, the Food Pantry is a beacon of hope for our community" 

What We Do

We provide weekly food to our neighbors. We do not require income or residency verification. If people are hungry, we welcome them every week. We provide a wide variety of nutritious and healthy foods. Proteins, fruits, vegetables, and dairy items are included in our weekly distribution.


The food pantry is a completely volunteer based ministry. Our volunteers dedicate countless hours a week accepting donations, cleaning the pantry, and preparing for our weekly distributions. Our guests, numbering 800-900 per week, are welcomed with these servant-hearts.


We have been a ministry at St. Mark's for over 25 years. St. Mark's is located in an area of the city with many low-income and homeless neighbors. Our neighborhood counts on us and we are here to support needs as they arise. We want our neighbors to come and understand the love of God through these tangible gifts.


Hours of Operations

Every Tuesday

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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